Tuesday, April 29, 2008

shoes as the canvass

Anime, specifically detective Conan…

That is the main reason why I want to learn Japanese language.

Although anime has English subtitles, it is still better to know directly what the characters are saying. There’s one episode in detective Conan where one of the characters crank a joke. I didn’t get it quickly because he uses Japanese words. I just understand it when a translation was shown. After that episode, I thought of studying Nihonng
o. But I don’t know how I will start. Then I remember that my father has an old Japanese dictionary (see, we do have the same interest). When I found the dictionary, I noticed that there is a Japanese character written on the front page. So, I asked my father if he knows how to write Japanese character. He told me that he knows a little. Then I asked him how he learned that. He said that he has a hiragana and katakana chart. So again, I looked for it. Right after I found it, I begin to study and memorize the characters. Everyday, I try to memorize another set until I memorize all of them. These are some of the greetings and characters that I have learned:

Ohayo- good morning

Konnichiwa- good day

Konbanwa-good evening

Oyasumi nasai- good night

I only study this during the summer vacation last year. It’s about one and a half month. Then after that, when the classes have started, I stopped studying Nihonngo and Japanese characters. It is because I don’t have time anymore. I need to do in schoolwork. Because of that I forgot some the things that I have learned in relation to Nihonngo and Japanese characters. Now, I’m trying to refresh my memory by reading again those charts and dictionary. After all, it is still vacation and I don’t have much thing to do.
Hopefully, I can continue this even the class starts, So that I won’t forget it again.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Out of boredom

Here are some pictures that I took when I have nothing to do.
(The resolution is a bit low because it was taken using mobile phone.)

This photo was taken when I was making a scrapbook. Left over paper was used as the background and a black rose brooch as the subject.

This was taken when I was in my cousin’s house. I took plastic roses on the vase and then place it above the electric organ. Do they look real?

This one is a photo of my favorite colors. Black and white (if they are counted as colors) and different shades of green.

This was taken while we were watching a softball game. The two girls on the photo are my friends: agnes and kichie.

Colorful reflection. This was taken in one of the classrooms. It looks like a reflection of a stained glass but it’s just a reflection of cellophane on the window. This was made during our college week by those creative people.

this is a picture of my stuff toy, bear. he looks sad.. :(

Flower is my subject again. Another fake rose. I try to pair it with a different background, a

dart board. i have nothing much to say about this.

Looks like a reflection of the sunset on water? But it’s not. It’s just a reflection of the sunset on the concrete.

Makati skyline.
I took these one when we were on the rooftop of a 37-storey building.

This is one of my favorites. Another flower subject. But this time, I used a real one.

I found a dried flower on our locker. I think this was left when we had our flower arrangement in humanities. Well anyway, I took this and brought to our classroom. And while waiting for my friends (because they are still talking to the professor that time), I placed it near the window and took a picture of it. I’m surprised that it turned to black because its original color was red with some brown on it (the dried petals). But it still looks nice.

A picture of a notebook and a ball pen. Nothing so special about this photo. This was just taken when I was reviewing for a quiz in theology.

photo of yume and bear looking at the scrapbook that I have made (as if they can see).

The kid in this picture is my cousin, pajong. I took this after his graduation. The raw photo is nice but it looks better on sepia.

I really love this one. This is a picture of my friends- bear, ansherina, donny and yume. They’re so kawaii.

Those photos are the products of my boredom.

So every time you will get bored, just get your phone or any camera that you have and take picture of the things around you. It’s fun. =)

College life - High school life..


lahat naman yan nasa college and high school di ba? But what makes these levels different from each other..

well, let us see..

sa high school, madaming subjects na di magkakarelate?(english, math,science,history).. kaylangan pag-aralan lahat during exams. Tapos di naman magagamit pagdating ng college. For example, yung history,kaylangan ba yan ng mga course ay nursing.. Unlike sa college, na yung mga pinag-aaral eh yung major subjects na depende sa course. Although may minor subjects pa rin, di na ganun karami kasi more on major subjects na talaga.

sa college, mas natututo na tayo maging independent especially when you’re living away from home. Mas natututo na tayo magbudget kasi madalas weekly binibigay yung allowance. Nalalaman na natin kung paano gumawa ng paraan sa iba’t-ibang bagay. Di katulad nung highschool pa tayo na laging umaasa sa parents. Konting bayarin sa school, parents agad. Projects, parents nanaman. At least nung magcollege tayo, we have learned to stand on our own.

mas nagkaroon tayo ng freedom nung magcollege. Totoo naman di ba? Mas nakakapunta kung saan-saan ng di alam ng parents. Syempre, tayo gumagawa ng schedule natin eh.. sasabihin sa parents, hanggang 5pm pa yung klase, pero ang totoo hanggang 12pm lang pala.. ayun, meron pang 5 hours na time para gumala. Eto pa, yung mga nag-aaral sa malayo, sasabihin traffic daw kapag late na nakauwi, pero ang di alam ng parents, naglakwatsa lang pala.. di nga naman magawa yan nung highschool kasi madalas malapit lang yung school, minsan pa nga walking distance lang eh.. oh, di ba? Paano nga naman sasabihin na traffic kapag gabi nanakauwi, eh halos katabi lang ng school yung bahay. Sino niloko mo kapag ganun?

hmm.. ano pa ba? Mas nakakastress ang college life.. sa dami ba naman ng ginagawa.. termpapers, reports,plates dagdagan mo pa ng org.. sino ba naman di mastrestress dun.. buti pa nung high school, may mga projects nga pero di naman gaano nakakapressure(yung iba lang..)

college and high school, may pagkakaiba man sila, pareho pa rin natin sila mapagdadaanan. :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

simple yet colorful life

sabi nila, ang boring daw ng buhay ko..
kasi daw walang kakaiba.. sobrang ordinary.. parang wala daw excitement..
ano nman?..
di naman kaylangan nun para masabing makulay yung buhay di ba?..
minsan nga, kung ano pa yung simpleng bagay, ayun pa yung nagiging kakaiba.

sometimes, we don't need to complicate things just to have a more exciting life..
because every simple things that are happening to us makes our life exciting.. all we have to do is to appreciate those things.. =')

why only now?..


Don’t you notice that most of the advertisements on televisions, radio and newspapers are all pertaining to global warming? Yes, our world is now facing a very difficult problem which is climate change due to global warming. It is good to see that more people now are aware of our situation. But my question is why only now? When our world is already deteriorated, that’s the time we are doing something about it. Do we need to experience strong typhoons, drought and tsunami for us to be aware? Why do we need to experience those things before we realize that we need to take care of our environment? Long time ago, we are warned by our forefathers that if we don’t take care of our environment, it will cause harm. But what did we do? We didn’t listen to their warning until those calamities came.

That what’s wrong with us people, we have an attitude that we won’t do something unless we experience something bad. We always want a proof. Remember, we don’t need to get burned by a fire before realizing that it is hot. Some things are very obvious that we don’t need to have a proof. Like what we are experiencing today, it is very obvious from the start that if we take for granted our environment, something will happen. Even though there aren’t any proofs, we should know are responsibility on our planet. God gave this to us. We are living in here; therefore we should take good care of it.

I’m still happy that we are now realizing our fault, although it is a bit late. We should all be united in solving this problem. After all, who will take care of the world? The aliens? (As if they exist) Of course not. We, the citizens of this planet should work together for the better world for us to live.

my first blog..

atlast, I’ve created my own blog.. now I can share all my ideas about different stuff..
anything under the sun”.. because I am not only writing about my personal experiences but also about my opinions about the things around me.. from the most talked topics to not so common topics..

feel free to comment on my posts.. i’ll be glad to receive those opinions..